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January 5, 2012
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(A second instillation of Sherlock x Reader. Having fun with this actually... Maybe more fun than I should be having??)
"SHERLOCK!!! WHY!!!!!!" Sherlock had just absolutely ruined the new mystery novel you bought earlier today. You were so excited to finally find out who was pulling all those murders, and just before you got to that page, he told you exactly who did it and why.
"I'm sorry! It was just so obvious! I mean seriously!" He replied with an honest look of apology and obviousness.
"Oooh, alright.. Just don't ruin the play for me tonight or else I'm going to be extremely upset!" You sighed and warned. Tonight, you two were going to see a new murder mystery stage play. You were very excited because tonight would be your 1 week anniversary. It may have sounded silly, but it was precious to you.
He pulled you in by the waist and had a big goofy grin on his face. " Of course, dear Dr. Watson. I swear on my soul I will let you have your suspense." He kissed your cheek lightly, and you couldn't help but giggle.
"I'm not a doctor yet! I'm just taking extra classes now so I can be more prepared for college!!"
"And you'll be the best psychologist/m.d yet!" He exclaimed dramatically.
"Which means you'll be my first patient." He had somewhat of a heartbroken look on his face and tackled you playfully, hugging you from behind. Ahh, this was the life. You never wanted it to end.
~~~~~~~~ At the theater. ~~~~~~~
Originally, you were seated next to a rather cute guy you were getting into conversation with, when Sherlock leaned over to you and asked to switch seats with you. He looked a tad jealous when he did, and you couldn't help but smile at it.
You were seated rather close to the stage, but not so close that it would be blaring and you'd fall asleep from looking up. The first half of the play was quite excellent, and Sherlock maintained himself by holding your hand and tightening his grip when he felt the need to blurt out who it was.
During the intermission, you two got a chance to stretch out."Mmmmmm, so Sherlock, what do you thi-"
"IT'S TORTURE!!!" He replied, whining.
"It's so obvious who did it!! How can you make it through???" He asked.
"Use your imagination. Always think of the other most possible scenarios when you've found the one with the most logic behind it, and follow each one. It keeps you guessing." You replied with a smile. He smiled back at you for a moment.
"Okay.. But really I mean it's obviously th-" You kissed him just in time to cut him off.
"Genius, remember what you promised me." You pouted.
"I know... But I've also been thinking about all the murders that have been going on recently. This is striking something with me."
Later when the play was finished, he got a major clue and grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of the crowd and to the hospital.
"What are we doing here!?!" You asked in a whispering scream.
"We'll use your hospital access to get the morgue information and then use my police access to look up their records, make a clean connection and crack the case!"
"I can't afford to jeopardize my medical career!"
"Pleeeeeaaaaseeee!!!" he gave you huge puppy dog eyes and kissed you. "Please, love!" Eventually, you just had to give in.
"Fine.." You used your key to open up the morgue and managed to retrieve the autopsies on the 3 murder victims.
"That's odd.." you stated, looking over the reports. "This cause of death isn't consistent with these wounds." as he looked over your shoulder you showed the strangulation around the neck and wrists. That means they were restrained and chocked. But this says they sustained some form of poison. Yet, the toxicology reports are missing.."
"Well, we'll take them home and look form there." He replied, as you quickly left and went back home to look everything up.
"Wait, wait, wait, wait. There IS no Seia Arty at the hospital! None at al-" Suddenly, you looked at each other.
"Jessi!" You shouted at once. Quickly, you ran outside and tried to find her.
"WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!" He shouted after you.
On the stage was a single note, laying on the floor. You opened it up, and began reading it over just as Sherlock came up from behind you.
It was from Jessie.
"Dear __________ & Sherlock,
   I assume after finding my brilliant use of charm and acting you've figured out I was           the murderer. I'm only doing this for us Sherlock. That TRAMP, __________ Watson, is no good for you at all!! You two just can't work out! You belong with ME Sherlock. Think of the team we could make! 'Holmes and Moriarty'! It's much better than 'Holmes and Watson'! Ick! Until you realize how right I am, and how ____________'s usage of medication and experimentation, I will NOT stop pursuing you! You must be saved dearest Holmes! Watson is the only thing that lays between us! Once I'm rid of her, we can rule the world.
                                               Your Love/Watson's Enemy,
                                                 Jessica Moriarty               "
Holmes took the note and tore it up into a thousand pieces, and sensing your surprise and tears, pulled you into that comfortable, warm embrace. "I promise, I will NOT let her lay one finger on you. If she does I will show NO restraint against her."
Slowly you lifted your head and looked into his light, compassionate, true eyes. He kissed you comfortingly. As he walked you out of the room, you could feel something happening... Something was going to start soon.. Something larger than you could comprehend.. And it almost scared you, in fact it would have. Would have, only if you didn't have the bravest, strongest, and smartest Brit at your side.  
Another (sort of continuation) of Sherlock x Reader/
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